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Reusable produce bags from grocery shopping - Frugal Celiacs
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User: frugal_celiacs (posted by mankycat)
Date: 2008-08-27 13:20
Subject: Reusable produce bags from grocery shopping
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I read this one a crafty article regarding french seams:

An additional use for silk organza bags is to replace plastic bags for your fruits and vegetables when grocery shopping. Just make them big enough to fit the amount you typically buy, They only weigh a little bit more than a plastic bag, but can are washable and reusable many, many times.

Take that a step further and if you shop at a place that allows you to print your own labels, you can weight the vegetables and fruit without the bag to save some extra cash. I do this when I go to Wegmans and save several cents per bag of produce. I also spoke with them about using my own bags to put the produce in for checkout so I can avoid using the plastic bags. What they told me is that if you can see the produce through the bag, then there's no problem. So you can reuse the mesh bags that certain produce comes in (like onions, oranges, limes, and avocados), make clear vinyl bags, crochet bags (but using a stitch that is more net than cloth), or make clear bags out of a very thin but sturdy, transparent cloth. I planned on reusing the mesh bags (and still do), but I like the silk organza route too. (I was actually thinking about making clear vinyl inserts for the reusable cloth grocery bags I have for possibly leaky items like meat.

Also, a side note. JB and I checked out Aldi. It's a grocery store that's much talked about by frugal people. I've looked at one before (I think it was in MD) and wasn't impressed, but thought I'd look again at the one here. Needless to say, I was still unimpressed. If I were not gluten-free, maybe some of the items would be a good purchase, but those are mainly processed stuff. The meats and produce were more expensive than what I find at regular grocery stores. Not really worth it. Even if I didn't have the food allergy, I'd probably find it lacking. Actually, I think when I went to the first one, I wasn't gluten-free yet. Go figure. I find I can get a lot of food for about the same price or less, without coupons, at regular grocery stores.
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