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The One Dollar Diet Project - Frugal Celiacs
For Frugal People, especially those w/ Celiacs Disease or Gluten Intolerance.

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User: frugal_celiacs (posted by frugalceliac)
Date: 2008-12-15 14:47
Subject: The One Dollar Diet Project
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I saw a brief interview with Christopher and Kerri of the The One Dollar Diet Project. From there, I though how interesting it might be to read their blog regarding their experiences while living eating only $1 of food each per day. I mean, I love frugality and love food, so why not?

After reading all their entries (fortunately, not long or difficult) and the comments others left them, I've formed my own opinions about the experiment and how Christopher and Kerri handled it (which I might share on one of my blogs and might share here)...

But I want to know your thoughts. If you have the desire and time, go ahead and read it (The One Dollar Diet Project) and post what you think as a comment here. Praises, criticisms, and questions are all fine.

I'm also thinking about how well a similar project would be if not geared towards vegans and is aimed at gluten-free living. I would want to see a much healthier way of handling it, something that might last longer than a month if possible (health-wise), and shows the grocery costs totalled as opposed to just a daily total.

So please share your thoughts. I look forward to reading them.  :-)
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